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Lancaster Bar Foundation Custody Attorney Campaign

"Safe at Home" Brochure, 2011
"Safe at Home" PowerPoint, 2011
"We Care About Children" Booklet, 2011

Custody Attorney Campaign Raises $120,000, 2004-05
Lancaster County has one of the best pro bono programs in the state with a wonderful partnership between MidPenn Legal Services and the local bar. So why raise $120,000 to fund three years salary and benefits for a legal services attorney committed to handling family law cases? MidPenn attorney and past Lancaster Bar Association President Jim Kearney answers that question directly — “because that is where we have the need.” Facing the glut of family law cases that buries nearly every legal aid program in the state and that tests the mettle of the non-family law pro bono attorney (and burdens the family law attorney who does take pro bono cases since he or she is always being asked to take another case), the Lancaster Bar Association and Lancaster Bar Association Foundation came up with an innovative solution — buy a family law attorney to handle those cases that cannot be placed with pro bono attorneys. They kicked off their fundraising around Christmas of 2004 and raised the money thanks to the corporate generosity of Citizens Bank with a $20,000 kickoff grant and to the support of numerous Lancaster County attorneys.

The Lancaster Bar Association and Lancaster Bar Association Foundation hired Michelle E. Goldstein, who graduated from Quinnipiac College School of Law in Hamden, Conn., after receiving a bachelors of science in Criminal Justice from San Diego State. She comes to Lancaster after working with the Public Defender’s Office in York.