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Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, Inc. (LCL-PA) is an independent, non-profit corporation operated by and for the benefit of Pennsylvania lawyers. LCL's mission is to help restore the health and competency of Pennsylvania lawyers suffering from various health problems that cause personal and professional impairment. The Lawyers' Confidential Helpline provides discreet professional and volunteer peer assistance to lawyers concerned about themselves, their family members and their colleagues regarding alcohol and drug use, gambling, depression, stress and other emotional or mental-health illnesses which cause impairment. The Helpline is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week, including holidays. There is no charge or obligation incurred in calling the toll-free Helpline, and there is no charge for an initial counseling session with a qualified healthcare professional to discuss your concerns. Peer assistance also is available through a statewide network of recovering lawyers and judges. These volunteers will meet with you privately and, if you are interested, introduce you to the nearest recovering lawyers' meeting in your area. All assistance is confidential and discreet.

LCL-PA also provides other free services to local bar organizations and law schools including: (i) Continuing Legal Education presentations that qualify for Ethics/Substance Abuse credits; (ii) intervention and helpline assistance training workshops; (iii) stress management workshops; and (iv) support for local lawyer assistance committees and recovering lawyers' meetings.

Addiction Leading to Discipline?
If you have a problem with alcohol, other drugs, gambling or depression, call Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers at 1-888-1941 for confidential help. If you also have a matter involving the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, you should contact the PBA Lawyers� Assistance Committee. Its confidential Sobriety Monitor Program Subcommittee has helped many lawyers facing disciplinary action as a result of their addiction or depression. For more information, call LCL at 1-800-335-2572. Although LCL is not involved with the monitoring program, it can refer you to a subcommittee member who can determine if the monitoring program can assist you. All contact with LCL and the Sobriety Monitor Program Subcommittee is confidential and you incur no obligation when you call. Help is available. Don�t wait, call now. Find out more about LCL.

For more information, contact:

    Laurie J. Besden, Esq., Executive Director
    Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers of Pennsylvania, Inc.
    55 Central Blvd.
    Camp Hill, Pa. 17011

    Toll free: 800-335-2572
    Local: 717-737-9660
    Fax: 717-737-9686
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Website: www.lclpa.org

Lawyers' Confidential Helpline
24 Hours * 7 Days * Holidays
Alcohol * Drugs * Depression * Gambling * Stress