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County Bar Recognition Awards and Nomination Form

The CCBL annual seminar will feature presentation of the annual PBA County Bar Recognition Awards. The awards recognize outstanding projects and activities conducted by county bar associations during the previous calendar year.

This awards program is unique in that it does not place your bar in competition with other county bars for statewide recognition. Instead, it is designed to recognize projects of all county bar associations that in some way contributed to the improvement of the legal profession, the justice system or the community.

Those bar associations whose projects meet the criteria will be presented an award and a news release will be distributed to the media in their counties. The project must have been undertaken during 2017, although it may have begun previously or is to be continued in 2018 and beyond. There is no requirement that it be entirely contained within the calendar year. A bar association may submit more than one project for consideration but no more than three.

Please complete the entry form and return it to the PBA by to January 12, 2018. Along with the entry form, please submit any support material that you believe is relevant to the project, including brochures, programs or other printed matter. This material will be kept on file at PBA headquarters.

Please submit an entry on behalf of your local county bar association so that we may give your efforts appropriate recognition in your community and to your colleagues across the state.

Entry Form
Click here for the PBA County Bar Recognition Awards entry form.