Public Discipline

July 1 – Aug. 31, 2003


Delaware County

The Supreme Court on July 24 ordered Lawrence R. Foti suspended for three years, as recommended by the Disciplinary Board. According to the disciplinary report, Foti misappropriated and converted client funds to his own use and failed to deliver settlement proceeds promptly to a client.


Susquehanna County

The court on July 30 ordered Kenneth J. Roe disbarred, as recommended by the Disciplinary Board. According to the disciplinary report, after Roe was placed on emergency temporary suspension in 1998 after failing to respond to requests for information regarding a trust account overdraft, “it appears the Respondent closed his office and left the area without providing a forwarding address to his clients, the courts, or Office of Disciplinary Counsel. Respondent left behind hundreds of client files.”


Emergency Temporary Suspension

Upon consideration of a petition, the court placed the following attorney on emergency temporary suspension pending “further definitive action”: Dan W. Susi, Erie County, on July 9. The president judge of the Erie County Court of Common Pleas was ordered to “take such further action and make such further order as may appear necessary to protect the rights and interests of respondent’s clients.”


Temporary Suspension – Rule 214(d)(1)

The following attorney has been placed on temporary suspension under a rule of disciplinary enforcement pertaining to attorneys convicted of serious crimes: Francis Peter Eagen III, Lackawanna County, on July 29.


Disbarments on Consent

The following attorneys were disbarred on consent under a rule of disciplinary enforcement pertaining to resignations by attorneys under disciplinary investigation: David L. Kurtz, Lackawanna County, on July 24; David E. Wasserstrom, Montgomery County, on July 24, retroactive to Nov. 17, 2000; Mark David Mazza, Philadelphia, on July 24, retroactive to Aug. 3, 2000; Kevin Mark Sabo, Philadelphia, on July 29, retroactive to Feb. 26, 2001; and Chadwick Allen Harp, Montgomery County, on Aug. 1.


Reciprocal Discipline

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court imposed reciprocal discipline on the following attorney: Gary Friedmann, out of state, suspended for three years, on July 30, for like discipline imposed by the Supreme Court of New Jersey.



July 1 – Aug. 31, 2003


The following attorney was transferred to inactive status in connection with a rule of disciplinary enforcement pertaining to respondents in disciplinary proceedings who are suffering from a disability and are unable to prepare an adequate defense: Peter P. Barnett, Delaware County, on July 29.



July 1 – Aug. 31, 2003


The Supreme Court approved petitions for reinstatement filed by the following: Albert B. Mackarey, Lackawanna County, from a three-month suspension, on July 9; Lacy R. Wheeler III, Allegheny County, from a suspension for one year and one day, on July 29; Rubina Wadhwa Arora, out of state, from an indefinite suspension, on July 29; Michael Anthony Short, Westmoreland County, from disbarment, on July 30; Stephen E. Sokolic, Philadelphia, from a three-year suspension, on July 30; Raymond T. LeBon, Philadelphia, from a one-year suspension, on Aug. 6; and Daniel Eban Berger, out of state, from a three-month suspension, on Aug. 11.

            The court denied a petition for reinstatement filed by Samuel H. Sagett, out of state, disbarred on consent in 1989, on July 24.