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The PBA Legislative Department lobbies for legislation that is important to lawyers in their day-to-day practice so that they may provide efficient and effective legal services to their clients. For instance, during the 2011-12 legislative session, the PBA lobbied for and was instrumental in shaping legislation that provides for better protection with regard to guardianship issues that involve multiple states, a new form of business entity known as the benefit corporation and improvements in the discovery process involving multiple jurisdictions.

The PABAR-PAC is the political action committee of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. The PABAR-PAC can only maintain its level of support of the PBA's legislative program through a commitment by lawyers such as you. The PBA encourages you to contribute to the PABAR-PAC today and make a difference in how effective its legislative program can be on your behalf. Simply complete this form and e-mail to the PBA. Be sure to use your NON-CORPORATE credit card. PBA members, click here for more information.

I would like to join PABAR-PAC's Capitol Club at the following level:
Platinum Member - $1,000 minimum contribution per year
Gold Member - $500 minimum contribution per year
Silver Member - $250 minimum contribution per year

Other Amount:

If you would like to make your PABAR-PAC contribution in monthly increments, please click here and print, fill out, and mail or fax this form back to:
Pennsylvania Bar Association
100 South Street
PO Box 186
Harrisburg, PA 17108-0186
Fax: 717-238-1204

PLEASE NOTE: Contributions to the PABAR-PAC are voluntary. Pennsylvania election laws prohibit the acceptance of corporate checks/credit card payments for contributions to the PABAR-PAC. Payments by corporate check/credit card will be considered as contributions to the PBA Legislative Department and used for administrative purposes. The PABAR-PAC operates on the state government level only.