2018 Judging Panel Volunteer Form

PA Statewide Mock Trial Competition
March 23-24, 2018

Experience Pre-Requisite
To participate in the High School Mock Trial Championship, all judging panel volunteers should have at least one (1) year of previous experience serving on a judging panel in a high school mock trial tournament or at least 1 season of previous experience coaching or advising a high school mock trial team. (Coaches with a team active in the championship may not serve on a jud ging panel.) The required "experience" may be gained by serving on a judging panel during rounds at the Pennsylvania district and regional competition either this mock trial season (January-March 2018) or in previous seasons.

*If you do not have prior experience with High School mock trials, and would like to volunteer, please contact Maria Engles, maria.engles@pabar.org, to explain the nature of your experience with mock trials.

Please provide all of the information requested on the following page. All panels will be assigned according to individual responses as much as possible. The Judging Panel Coordinator will make the final decisions regarding placement.

On-Site Competition Orientation
All participating presiding judges, jurors, and bailiff are required to attend the on-site orientation in the Dauphin County Lawyer's Lounge before their scheduled round(s). All judging panel members who volunteer in more than one round must attend the orientation session before each scheduled round. This is necessary for check-in, courtroom assignments, and to address issues that may arise from prior rounds.

Hotel Accommodations
PBA will to provide overnight accommodations if your participation is required for both days and you are traveling from outside the area.

I agree to the Requirements: