Chair's Welcome

Welcome to the ever-changing world of information gathering! The Pennsylvania Bar Association Solo and Small Firm Practice Section, is committed to providing its over 2,000 members with the state-of-the art information gathering and retrieval systems to its members into what I call the "largest law firm in the state." I believe you will find the information provided here as a helpful resource to not only aid you in your practice but also to help you satisfy your other roles as office manager, bookkeeper, purchasing clerk, equipment repair person and lobbyist. We hope to provide the most important information you need to manage efficiently your practice right here so that you can efficiently keep up with the flood of information you are bombarded with each day. We hope that this home page will become your one stop shop for the latest in such areas as promoting your practice, legislative updates, trends in the law and trends in the practice law.

We do not maintain a monopoly on this information, however. Accordingly, should you have a tip, technique or see information that you feel would be helpful to your fellow solos and smalls, please let us know. We will attempt to place it on this home page as a service to all of our members further linking diverse groups of people who by their very choice of practice as solos or smalls are inclined not to be linked in large firms. After all, that is what the concept of the Internet is all about.

Thank you for logging on.


Pennsylvania Bar Association
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