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Pro Bono Spotlight May 2004

“If A Solo Practitioner Can Do It, Anyone Can!”

by Susan R. Emmons, Esq.
Protection From Abuse Database Senior Attorney
Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence
6400 Flank Drive, Suite 1300
Harrisburg, PA17112

“If a solo practitioner can do pro bono service, anyone can!” says Andrea Anderson, esq. of the Law Offices of Andrea Anderson. The York solo practitioner knows what she is talking about, having won the York County Bar Association (YCBA) Pro Bono Recognition Award for her public service most recently in 2002 and 2003.

Pro bono was part of Anderson’s work as a lawyer from the beginning of her career. Upon her graduation from the University of Baltimore School of Law in 1985, Anderson took a position as an associate at Countess, Gilbert and Andrews in York. At the firm, now CGA, she was assigned pro bono cases, working primarily on family law matters — and awards soon followed. Anderson won the 1992 YCBA Pro Bono Award and the next year collected the PBA IOLTA Recognition Award.

“I talked to the banks and asked them to participate,” Anderson explained about her IOLTA award. “That was before the days when participation in IOLTA was mandatory.”

In 1995, Anderson went out on her own and established her own law office. With an MBA and J.D., Anderson focused her practice on business law. A Red Lion native, Anderson continues to focus her practice on serving the business needs of the Red Lion community. She handles a wide range of fee generating business matters, including real estate issues, landlord/tenant cases, estate planning, corporate law and bankruptcy. Anderson’s pro bono clients today primarily are involved in bankruptcy cases.

Anderson believes that every attorney should be giving back to the community through the pro bono program. “Anyone can and everyone should take pro bono cases,” she adds. As a solo practitioner, she clearly understands the difficulty in taking pro bono cases, but has dealt with that difficulty in an award winning manner. Having recently hired an associate, Anderson has a new perspective on practicing law, but it still includes pro bono service.