A Sample of Pro Bono Success in Dauphin County

Bill, a student, is the proud father of a four-year-old girl named Mandy. Mandy has lived with her dad since she was two years old. But now Bill is worried about Mandy's safety. Mandy's mother is living with a man who was convicted of sexual assault, statutory rape and indecent exposure. Bill doesn't want Mandy anywhere near this man. Bill also was planning to move to Florida with Mandy after he graduated. He believed that job opportunities would be better for him in Florida. Bill knew that he needed legal assistance to protect his young daughter and work out the relocation issues with Mandy's mother. However, as a student, he was unable to afford a private attorney.

Bill went to MidPenn Legal Services for help. After screening the case, MidPenn staff assigned it to Pro Bono Attorney Heather L. Paterno. Heather assisted Bill in making the appropriate court filings and represented him at the custody hearing. Although the court denied Bill's request to relocate to Florida, the court granted him primary physical and legal custody. Furthermore, the court did not preclude Bill from petitioning to relocate in the future after he had more concrete plans. Thanks to Heather, Mandy and her dad look forward to a brighter future.