Project: “Access to Justice” Supplement in the Daily Local News-Contact: Wendy C. Hoffman; Executive Director
To raise awareness of the association’s community programs, the CCBA raised over $15,550 for three Chester County nonprofits by publishing a special supplement in the Daily Local News on Nov. 20, 2005, titled “Your Access to Justice.” All proceeds went to Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania, the Crime Victims’ Center and the Domestic Violence Center of Chester County. The supplement contained public service information, articles highlighting lawyers’ involvement in the community, details on the Lawyer Referral Service and information on the courts and other law-related topics.

Project: Access to Justice Program-Contact Wendy C. Hoffman, Executive Director
On July 1, 2004, the CCBA launched its Access to Justice program to provide free legal services to Chester County residents whose income is too high to qualify for legal aid or whose case cannot be handled by Legal Aid because of some other reason. Too many individuals could not meet the financial threshold (125 percent above the poverty guidelines) and found themselves in a quandary: they made too money to qualify for legal aid, but really did not have enough to afford legal services. The CCBA recognized the problem and offered the Access to Justice program as a solution. To qualify for the program, a person’s income must be between the 125 and 187.5 percent of the currently published poverty guidelines. The CCBA plans to expand the maximum threshold to 200 percent in July of 2006. This program provides a chance for members to help those individuals who have traditionally “fallen through the cracks” and should have free legal representation.