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Young Lawyers Division


Penn's Public Policy Center's award winning radio show NPR's Justice Talking is pleased to collaborate with the Young Lawyers Division of the Pennsylvania Bar Association in its statewide Mock Trial Competition. In doing so, Justice Talking hopes to enhance students' ability to craft thought-provoking arguments, encourage a high level of discourse about the issues and provide the students with examples of well-balanced debates. It is the goal of Justice Talking to bring to life important issues like those presented in the 2003 Mock Trial fact pattern so that students better appreciate the importance of the rule of law, the US Constitution and democratic values.

NPR's Justice Talking has two websites www.JusticeTalking.org and www.JusticeLearning.org where students can listen to the shows, participate in on-line discussion groups with others from around the world and find a wealth of learning materials on a variety of justice issues. In particular, the Justice Learning website contains materials specifically geared for high school students including the Justice Talking audio, New York Times articles and primary source materials and Constitutional timelines. Pennsylvania 2003 Mock Trial participants will find special icons on both the Justice Learning and Pennsylvania Bar Association's websites that will link directly with shows on Juvenile Justice, Miranda and Police Interrogations -- all shows related to the 2003 Mock Trial fact pattern. These shows can be heard by using Real Audio. Mock trial team leaders also will be able to find additional lesson plans on each of the issues that may help them develop student's advocacy skills and may bring team members to the tapings of Justice Talking at the National Constitution Center. To obtain tickets or request a copy of one of the shows in CD format (at $16.95), please visit www.justicetalking.org.