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2009 Law Day Resources


Our Courts is the vision of former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Our Courts is a free, interactive, web-based program designed to teach and engage students in civics. We are currently developing fun and educational games, in-class activities, lesson plans, educational resources, and features which will enable teachers to build individualized and comprehensive civics curricula for their classrooms. In the meantime, we've put up some content to help you get started learning about civics.

Washington State Courts Educational Resources Page includes information about the state mock trial program, judges in the classroom lesson plans from elementary through high school, We the People, and much more.

United States Supreme Court

A wiki page with information about Supreme Court cases. While this site is still in its early stages, they've created a page for each case set for argument in the 2008 sitting, and at each case's page, you'll find detailed previews, recaps, and analyses, as well as links to briefs and other articles of interest. Each page will be regularly updated as the case progresses, but all the information will be available in one easy-to-find place (you can also view each page in a printable view).

A fictional Mock Trial case for high school students. This case examines the rights of a student who appeals his expulsion for a variety of violations of dress and hair codes. A federal district court and an appeal court each rule on opposite sides of the case. Students now have an opportunity to argue before the Supreme Court. Written by Jay Postel.

Mock Trial script for fifth grade students developed by the Maine Bar Association.
This mock trial has a teacher, lawyer, judge and student manual which clearly describes the roles and expectations for everyone involved. The program is designed for the classroom teacher to use over several weeks with a few visits from outside legal resource people like a local attorney and/or judge. The mock trial can be presented for an audience of parents and others.

Bill of Rights Bingo

How Courts Work
History of the Jury System

Lesson on being on time

National Constitution Center's Daily Blog
News stories. Videos. Online games. Lesson plans and activities. The National Constitution Center's new daily blog is dedicated to providing you with resources that will connect your students to current events and the Constitution. From celebrating civic holidays to current legislation and the latest government news, the Civic Learning Blog provides resources that can help you effectively teach current events with a constitutional connection the next time you enter the classroom.

A Career in Law
Life as a Lawyer: Itís Not What You See on TVÖ Itís Much More!
This four-page student handout from the Pennsylvania Bar Association talks about what itís really like to be a lawyer or judge, how to become a lawyer or judge, how to prepare for law school and what happens in law school, other legal career options to consider, and places to go for more information.
Preparing for a Career in Law in the 21st Century
by Bryan K. Fair, Thomas E. Skinner Professor of Law, The University of Alabama School of Law