PBA Public Education Campaign Available Free to Law Firms

** To view and download the ads, scroll to the bottom of the page. **

The PBA is pleased to extend a special offer to its members to take part in a unique public education campaign that shares with the community the important work that lawyers do everyday. A series of ads, developed initially by the Virginia State Bar and purchased by the Pennsylvania Bar Association, have been customized to address legal topics of significance to citizens across Pennsylvania — adoption, starting a business, and elder law. The theme of the campaign is “You have rights. Lawyers protect them.”

The PBA has been working with local bar associations to implement this campaign across the commonwealth. A number of local bar associations currently are running the ads in newspapers and have enlarged the ads for use as posters for display in county courthouses and various offices and libraries.

Due to the number of inquiries the PBA has received from individual members, the PBA Board of Governors has decided to offer these popular ads for use, free-of-charge, by PBA members. The ads are now available to all members for use in law offices. They can be used as table displays in waiting rooms or can be enlarged to posters for display in conference rooms or on walls. The ads also can be used as the covers of waiting room brochures.

Downloading the Ads

The four ads are listed below. To view the advertisements, simply follow the “click here” link for each ad. You will need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need to download Adobe Acrobat Reader go to www.adobe.com. Follow these instructions to download the ads:

1) Return to this main page.
2) Using your mouse, roll your cursor over each click here, but DO NOT click on the link.
3) With your cursor over the “Click here,” click with your RIGHT mouse button and select “Save Target As…” from the list.
4) This will cause a dialog box to pop up and allow you to choose where to save the ad on your computer.
5) Repeat this for each ad.

Once you have saved all the ads, you then can save them to a disk and take them to a local printer (i.e. a Kinko’s) and have them create the type of display in which you are interested. If you have any questions while downloading the ads, please contact Tina Schreiber in the PBA Communications Department at 1-800-932-0311, Ext. 2277, or by e-mail at tina.schreiber@pabar.org.

Click here to view the adoption advertisement.
Click here to view the elder law advertisement.
Click here to view the starting a business advertisement.