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PBA Lawyers Serving Veterans Program Legal Assistance Request Form

PBA Lawyers Saluting Veterans Program:
Client Survey

Dear Veteran:

Thank you for your service to our nation.

Attorneys across Pennsylvania are working with the Lawyers Saluting Veterans (LSV) Program of the Pennsylvania Bar Association (PBA) Pro Bono Program to provide legal services to military veterans. Through LSV, attorneys volunteer to handle specific legal work for veterans.

To help us improve the program, please answer the following questions.

We hope that you will take full advantage of this opportunity to make any recommendations or suggestions you may have for the program. Your input helps us improve and lets us know how
the PBA Pro Bono Office helped in assisting you. Thank You!

1. Would you participate in the PBA Lawyers Saluting Veterans Pro Bono Program again?

Yes No

2. How would you rate the way you were treated by your PBA Lawyers Saluting Veterans Attorney?

3. How would you rate your PBA Lawyers Saluting Veterans experience?

4. How would you rate the result you had in your matter with the PBA Lawyers saluting Veterans Program?

5. Can you provide brief comments on you PBA Lawyers Saluting Veterans experience? If we may use your comments for program materials and publicity, please add your name and contact information here.

6. What can we do to make PBA Lawyers Saluting Veterans a better program?