Recommendations that passed the PBA Board of Governors and House of Delegates in 1999

Task Force on Legal Services to the Needy, Part II. The Task Force’s report, consisting of a series of recommendations, was approved by the Board of Governors and the House of Delegates. The recommendations included:

  1. a $5 per credit hour surcharge on mandatory CLE credits, which would then be paid to agencies supporting legal services. The surcharge would be instituted by the Supreme Court;
  2. filing fee increases, which would add $5 to the cost of filing complaints and answers in civil litigation and $4 to the cost of filing deeds and mortgages. This recommendation would require legislative approval.
  3. Creation of a PBA program to encourage and coordinate the development and expansion of pro bono programs in each county and to administer a program for counties unable to do so themselves; establish Pro Bono Assistance Teams to assist counties without existing programs or to evaluate and make recommendations for existing programs; and out reach to the judiciary, the deans of PA’s law schools and senior members of the bar to encourage all to become more proactive in pro bono efforts.

(B/G 5/99; HD 5/99)