Section 351

Rule 351. Nominations and Elections of Officers.

(a) Nominations for the General Officers of the Association made by the Nominating Committee or by petition pursuant to the Bylaws, shall be certified to the House by the Secretary.

(b)  In elections by the House, when there is not more than one (1) nominee for each office to be filled, voting for the total slate of officers recommended by the Nominating Committee, may be by one (1) vote.  When there is more than one candidate for nomination to an office, voting for that office shall be by written ballot.  In such case, the presiding officer shall appoint five Delegates in the House to act as tellers who shall have charge of the preparation, distribution, collection and counting of the ballots. 

(c) Balloting for an office shall proceed until one candidate shall have received a majority of all votes cast.



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