Section 345

Rule 345. Debate.

(a)  When a Delegate in the House desires to speak, the Delegate shall rise and address the presiding officer.  Upon being recognized, the Delegate shall state his or her name and representative capacity.  No Delegate shall speak more than once at the same session upon any one question, except at the discretion of the Chair.  The Delegate who made the motion under discussion shall have the right to close the debate upon it. 

(b) No Delegate in the House, chair of a Section or Committee (or his or her designee) or minority representative of a Section or Committee shall speak more than five minutes at one time, except at the discretion of the Chair, unless he or she be then engaged in making the report of a Section or Committee of the Association or of the House. 

(c) If any matter is or may come before the House, as to which persons who are not entitled to the privileges of the floor desire to submit their views or recommendations to the House, the House may by vote refer such matter to its Committee on Hearings, which shall give a hearing to such persons and report thereon to the House.

(d) At the request of the presiding officer or of any Delegate, any resolution or motion shall be reduced to writing. Such a resolution or motion shall be read before it may be debated. Any pending resolution or motion may be referred, by the House or by the presiding officer, to the Committee on Draft, for consideration and report as to phraseology, scope or substance. The House or the presiding officer may require that copies of any resolution shall be made available to Delegates in the House, before a vote is taken thereon.

(e) Wherever practicable, copies of each report by a Section or Committee of the Association or of the House shall be made available to each Delegate in the House, before or at the time of the presentation of such report. Unless otherwise ordered by vote of the House or directed by the presiding officer, reports of Sections and Committees of the Association that are printed in the Advance Program of the Association or otherwise, and reports of committees of the House of which copies are available shall not be read orally in presentation, but shall be stated to the House in substance only. When the reading of a report is called for and objected to, the reading shall be determined by a vote of the House, without debate.



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