Section 1003

Section 1003. Unit Plan of Membership. 

(a) Any Local Bar Association may, on application filed with the Secretary, adopt the Unit Plan of membership in the Association. With the application shall be filed a complete roster of membership of the applicant Local Bar Association showing the names, office addresses, dates of admission to the Bar, and prior status as to membership in this Association; except that there may be omitted from such roster the names of any members of the applicant Local Bar Association who neither reside nor practice in the applicant Local Bar Association's county. Upon the payment of dues as provided in this section all of the members of the applicant Local Bar Association shown on the roster shall be Members of this Association in the respective classes of membership for which they are eligible. 

(b) The Treasurer shall concurrently render a statement to the treasurer of the Local Bar Association showing the precise status of dues of each Member named on the roster. No refund will be made by the Treasurer to Members who had theretofore paid current dues on an individual basis, but the Local Bar Association will not be called upon to again pay current dues for such Members. Dues in arrears at such time must be paid by the individual and not by the Local Bar Association. Subject to approval by the Board of Governors, any member of the Local Bar Association excused from payment of dues by the bylaws of the Local Bar Association may be excused from payment of dues to this Association. 

(c) After the Unit Plan has been initiated, the resignation, death or expulsion of any Member shall not in any way affect the Unit Plan, except that all subsequent changes in the membership of the Local Bar Association shall be reported to the Secretary. Dues on the Unit Plan shall be at such rate or rates of discount as may be determined from time to time by the House of Delegates after considering the recommendation of the Board of Governors. Members joining within five years after first becoming lawyers shall, until the January first following their respective fifth anniversaries of admission, pay at the rate set for such Members pursuant to the provision of Section 1002(c) of the Bylaws.



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