DCBA Pro Bono Program May 2004

The bylaws of the Dauphin County Bar Association includes among its purposes “...to promote programs to provide effective, affordable legal services to all segments of society…” In keeping with this tradition, the following attorneys participated in the DCBA Pro Bono Program with MidPenn Legal Services during the month of May by accepting new clients, making a financial contribution, or conducting a divorce or custody clinic:

John F. Alcorn
Philip M. Bricknell
Shane B. Kope
Jackie W. Lutz
Maria G. Marcus-Bryan
Albert H. Masland
Doreen A. McCall
McNees, Wallace & Nurick LLC
Maryann Murphy
Philip J. Murren
Daniel K. Natriboff
Lawrence J. Neary
Thomas J. Nehilla
Christopher R. Nestor
Steve C. Nicholas
Cynthia l. Nicholson
Andrew W. Norfleet
Pamela L. Purdy
Dwight-Jared Smith

Belinda Clouser
Mary Sprunk