PBA LSV Program Legal Assistance Request Form - 2014

Lawyers Saluting Veterans (LSV) Pro Bono
Case Tracking Form

It is important that we have this information to track the success of the program.


Supreme Court ID No:

LSV Pro Bono Client:


Thank you for playing your part in making Lawyers Saluting Veterans a national
leader in providing pro bono legal services to Veterans across Pennsylvania.

If you are still working with a Lawyers Saluting Veterans Pro Bono client, please inform us of
the present status of the case by completing this sheet and returning it. If you have already
closed the case, please indicate that on this form .

Case Description:

Case is closed. No What happened?

Case is Open. Yes No What is scheduled next?

I could use the help of a law student on this matter. Yes No

I could use other assistance:

Estimated hours spent to date (for open or closed cases):

Estimated length of time open case will remain open: