Conference of County Bar Leaders

Welcome to the Conference of County Bar Leaders (CCBL) area of the PBA Web site.

Established in 1967, the objectives and purposes of CCBL, are:

  • to establish a closer relationship between the local Bar Associations in Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the American Bar Association;
  • to provide a forum for the mutual interchange of ideas among Bar Associations;
  • to provide training, guidance, resources and assistance to local Bar Associations and their leaders;
  • to stimulate the work of Bar Associations generally; and
  • to promote the standing of the legal profession and the Courts, improve the administration of justice, and improve the economic standing of the legal profession.

The CCBL has evolved to foster fresh and innovative local bar initiatives and spread those initiatives throughout the commonwealth. It has helped to develop mutually beneficial relationships among bar leaders and to improve the status of the legal profession generally in Pennsylvania by providing education and training to bar leaders and will continue to do so.

2017 Conference of County Bar Leaders

Photos - 2016 Conference of County Bar Leaders

Photos - 2015 Conference of County Bar Leaders

CCBL Request for Proposed Conference Workshop

County Bar Recognition Awards and Nomination Form
The Gilbert Nurick Award and Nomination Form
The Arthur J. Birdsall Award and Nomination Form
The Chief Justice John P. Flaherty Award and Nomination Form

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