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You may qualify for free membership for the current year in any one of the PBA sections of your choice listed below if 1) you are newly admitted to practice (no previous admission in any jurisdiction) and have joined the PBA or 2) you are a current PBA member but have not belonged to the selected section at any time in the past five years.

If you qualify under either category, you will receive all section-member benefits for the year in which you join the section. The full section membership fee will apply beginning the following year. If you qualify under either category, please complete and submit the form below.



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Administrative Law Section
The Administrative Law Section was established to observe and make recommendations, primarily at the state level, to improve the effectiveness of government-issued regulations. Members receive two e-newsletters each year.

Aeronautical and Space Law Section
Lawyers working for firms specializing in aircraft and space industries and the military are likely to find this section the most beneficial. The section places a strong emphasis on aviation law such as airline regulations and on space-related matters.
Business Law Section
With an emphasis on commercial and corporate law as it is applied in Pennsylvania, this section focuses on legislation affecting businesses and corporate entities. Members have been actively pursuing revisions to the corporate law and the uniform commercial law.
Civil Litigation Section
The Civil Litigation Section focuses on practice standards and offers an annual CLE-based retreat and regional dinners for members to maintain their required credits and for networking with their peers. Through its newsletter the section also provides concise studies and timely information about recent court decisions on a variety of litigation matters as well as section news.
Criminal Justice Section
The Criminal Justice Section is concerned with protecting the rights of all individuals who are involved in criminal court proceedings. This is a chance for both defense and prosecution oriented members to be involved in issues related to the criminal justice system. Members receive three e-newsletters a year which lists and reviews decisions of recent criminal cases in Pennsylvania
Education Law Section
The Education Law Section is a resource for lawyers who concentrate on areas of the law that impact the field of education. Monthly section conference calls are open to all members where developments in this area of practice are shared.
Elder Law Section
The Elder Law Section studies, reviews and makes recommendations on legislation impacting the elder community and provides practical information to members through business meetings and the section listserv. Members receive four e-newsletters and additional electronic updates each year.
Environmental and Energy Law Section
Lawyers concerned with issues dealing with the environment, ecology and mineral and natural resources will find membership in this section to be beneficial. The section supports the annual Environmental Law Forum, provides scholarships to law students, presents the annual Environmental Law and PLUS Program Awards and publishes an e-newsletter three times a year.
Family Law Section
This section focuses its efforts on domestic issues including marriage, divorce, child custody, adoption and surrogate motherhood. The section holds an annual summer and winter meeting with CLE programs addressing these and other topics. Case law updates are also provided. A section newsletter distributed electronically four times a year is available to section members at no charge and offers reviews of recent legislation and court decisions related to family law.
Intellectual Property Law Section
The Intellectual Property Law Section furthers the development of laws and procedures related to intellectual property and works to simplify and improve the application of justice in intellectual property law. Monthly conference call speaker presentations are open to all section members and two e-newsletters are published each year.
International & Comparative Law Section
This section is particularly suited for lawyers working in multi-national corporations or who are exposed to legal systems in foreign countries. Members benefit from the section's work in monitoring treaties, immigration matters and events related to the World Court.
Labor & Employment Law Section
This section deals with all aspects of labor relations, including the relationship between labor unions and employees. It monitors legislative developments and judicial decisions. The section actively sponsors several CLE programs each year and provides law student scholarships for students to attend.
Municipal Law Section
Solicitors for any form of political subdivision other than a school system will find this section useful. The Municipal Law Section also appeals to lawyers who have as clients police departments, municipal authorities or individuals who deal with these entities. Section activities are reported to members in the section newsletter published twice a year.
Public Utility Law Section
Lawyers representing public utilities will find this section particularly useful. The section hosts networking events, volunteer opportunities and educational programs throughout the year.
Real Property Probate & Trust Law Section
This section concentrates on landlord-tenant relations, environmental issues, eminent domain and probate matters. Members also are active in improving the relationship between realtors and lawyers. The section newsletter, published twice a year, reports on section activities, and members gather at a section meeting once a year to share information, learn of new developments and network at both professional and social events
Solo & Small Firm Practice Section
The Solo and Small Firm Practice Section is designed for lawyers whose practices cover a broad range of issues as individual practitioners. Members can benefit from an active listserv, informative e-newsletters and networking opportunities to gather information about the latest developments in law office management, automation and technology. The section holds meetings during PBA Committee Section Days, at the PBA Annual Meeting and at the annual Solo and Small Firm Practice Conference.
Tax Law Section
The Tax Law Section specializes in state and local tax issues, but also deals with problems in the federal tax system. This section plans educational programs and deals with practice development issues as needed.
Workers' Compensation Law Section
This section provides its members the opportunity to work closely with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers' Compensation on regulations and rules pertaining to workers' compensation claims. The section has a primary interest in the free and frequent exchange of information regarding legal developments, and in acting as a liaison with the Bureau of Workers' Compensation to ensure that the interests of claimants, employers and the lawyer community are protected fairly in the regulatory, legislative and administrative processes. The section holds an annual Fall Meeting which provides CLE programs and features outstanding speakers pertinent to this area of law. Members receive four e-newsletters each year which provides reports on recent, relevant court cases and presents a range of essays and case analyses.


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