Pennsylvania Code – Freedom of Religion

Pennsylvania Code Section 11.7
“Upon written parental request, a school district may excuse a pupil from instruction in those portions of science and health courses which conflict with the religious beliefs of the pupil. ”
This section of the Pennsylvania Code allows, with accompaniment of a parental request, that a student may excuse himself or herself from a science or health class that conflicts with his or her religious beliefs.

Pennsylvania Code Section 11.21
“Upon written parental request, and in accordance with the district’s board of school directors, pupils may be excused from school for religious holidays observed by bona fide religious groups … [and] a pupil shall be excused from school in order to attend classes for religious instruction. The excusal shall be limited to a total of not more than 36 hours per school year.”
Basically, this states that, again with parental request, a school district may excuse a student from all or part of the school day to observe religious holidays or to attend religious ceremonies or classes. However, the code limits the time allowed to be excused to a maximum of 36 hours per school year.